Born and raised on the island of O‘ahu and now based in Los Angeles, Jensen Vinca is a director, colorist, and (sometimes) cinematographer.

Jensen is drawn to directing content that is meaningful, human centric, and authentic. If you ask him what type of content he wants to direct, he will go on a long spiel about how he enjoys directing narratives, documentaries, and commercials equally and can’t choose between the three.

In 2019, his film L.A. Liquor was released online after finishing a year-long international film festival circuit, screening at over 15 film festivals worldwide, including NFFTY, LA Shorts International, Canada International Film Festival, and St Cloud Film Fest.

Currently, Jensen is working freelance as a colorist for Stept Studios and as a color assist at Apache Digital while also directing on the side. On the off chance he isn’t working, you can probably find him sleeping in a tent somewhere far away from the city or thinking of profound questions in the shower such as, whose idea was it to write bios about oneself in third person?